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I’ve added the 2016 Earth Hour banner to my page to support and shine light on climate action. I encourage you to do the same.



Already onto the second activity for the #16stubc (Student Blogging Challenge). This weeks challenge that was set out is all about commenting and sharing ideas within each others’ blogs. In this post I will outline the good points and the bad, the advantages and disadvantages and just how commenting works in general. So here it is, my interpretation of guidelines and expectations when commenting.


Commenting is such an amazing thing, but it’s a shame some people aren’t using this powerful skill to it’s full potential yet. Most of the teenagers in this day and age just use commenting to express the most basic thing possible. For example, Facebook has just introduced a new range of “like” buttons to communicate and show different emotions when reacting to someone’s latest post or status update. That almost is just taking away the purpose of commenting on something and replacing it with a “mood reaction”. What if we took away that option? And left people to actually have to comment on something when they saw it or wanted to express how they felt about it? Oh that’s right, people wouldn’t know what to comment…. Well folks, here is my list of do’s and don’t do’s when commenting….


  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on something. Just make sure when commenting on it, that you do so in a way that will make the person feel good about it or strive them to do better. It’s called Constructive Criticism and being there along side someone, pushing them to do better or give things another go.
  • Share and make connections! The beauty of commenting on things in this day and age is that it can take you places. For example, when contributing in an online Twitter chat called #edchatnz, I made a comment on the importance of community within a school’s area. Within 30mins of my comment (tweet in this instance) being made, it had been shared (retweeted) about 3 times and nearly 10 people had viewed and liked it. Comments take you places, it’s just a matter of how much in depth you want to go and where you want your comments to go.

yes and noDO NOTS:

  • Leave off your address, private information and basically anything that you wouldn’t want people from across the world and strangers to see. As mentioned before, Comments take you places, but hopefully not to the point where the whole entire of New Mexico know your address and contact details. Unless you want that….
  • Don’t portray that you don’t care. That is just one of my biggest no nos! Text language, the over use of emojis and bad punctuation and spelling are just many of the no nos that seem to annoy me every time they are used on my posts.
  • Challenge and push your friends to do better. Not to the point where we are in one of the final scenes of the first Hunger Games movie where Katniss, Peeta and Cato (District One Badass) were all pushing each other to the point where Cato was killed. Gently push someone to do better, not to the point where there is a life and death situation about to unfold. This is a bit of blue-sky thinking but this might happen.

So there are some of my honest reflections when it comes to commenting on blogs, posts and anything in general. Of course like anything in life, you don’t have to always do what somebody says. These are my honest thoughts and you choosing to use them or not that is completely your choice. Bring on next weeks challenge…!



Well it’s been a long time no see sort of situation to my blog lately. But I’m glad to say that I’m back and ready to take part in an amazing worldwide Student Blogging Challenge. It’s amazing to see myself and another student from Hobsonville Point Secondary School, Gina taking part in this!

So here’s the first activity for this years challenge: Who Am I?

I’m James Anderson, an all-round learner. I’m a normal 14 (nearly 15) year old guy who just so happens to have an amazing passion for Modern Day Education. Blame my amazing teachers at HPSS for that 😉 Being passionate for something as cool as that makes me really enjoy being at school. And loving school just makes your education journey a whole lot easier really! Breaking away from education for a bit, education has helped me really gain and expand my knowledge and scene of leadership in my school and wider community. Being on Student Council for 2 years now at Hobsonville and founding a “Community Habitat” (Definition of a Habitat = sub-council from the main Student Council, which focuses on one core aspect of the school and wider area around it). Being able to bring all 3 areas together, (Modern Day Education, Leadership and Community) I am beyond happy to be able to make a difference not only in my school but in the wider community! *I am writing this with the biggest smile on my face it’s amazing!!!!!* 

So here’s my first assignment for this blogging challenge, looking forward to participating for the remainder of this.


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