B is for Blogging

B IS FOR BLOGGING: 2nd April 2016 It's really interesting to think that I have only started BLOGGING since October 2015. It seems like I've been blogging for years. I have adapted so much to it and it's almost become a natural learning tool that I use at school. I'm glad and happy to see that the leaders at... Continue Reading →


A is for Audience

After being introduced by one of my teachers at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, Ros (check out her blog here ), I am hooked and ready to go for my first ever attempt at this A-Z blogging challenge. The idea of this is to blog for every day through out the month of April (excluding Sundays).... Continue Reading →

The Year Ahead – 2016

2016 is well and truly underway and within less than a week, so will my school journey for this year. As myself and the rest of the returning students at Hobsonville Point Secondary School embark on the new year ahead, there is going to be a few bumps and changes made along the way. A... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Sustainable School Shows

At Hobsonville Point, we love doing projects that benefit and encourage decisions and deeper thinking in our community. Project based learning is such a neat thing to do and should happen in every school! Students and teachers being able to combine their thoughts, opinions into projects that do good for ourselves, the school area and... Continue Reading →

Am I Sharing The Right Story?

    Well in case you didn't know, I am a new blogger. I haven't spent a huge amount of time blogging and sharing my stories. I've only been doing this since October 2015. When a presentation from Claire Amos (my deputy principal), Steve Mouldey (one of my teachers and leaders) & my hub current coach, Danielle Myburgh. The... Continue Reading →

Why Leave My Dream Job?

A very thoughtful and meaningful post by my out-going teacher at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, Steve Mouldey. We will miss you Steve and all the best for this exciting opportunity 🙂

Steve Mouldey

Early in 2013 I attended an Information Evening about foundation teaching applications for  Hobsonville Point Secondary School. I had always liked the idea of being part of the foundation staff at a school and getting to develop the culture of the place, so was quite excited about attending this and finding out more. The meeting was everything I hoped for and more. Maurie, Lea, Claire and Di set out an exciting vision and I was amped about what this school was going to look like. So amped, I was ringing my partner before even making it back to the car, to tell her I needed to get a job teaching at this school – it sounded like my dream job!

Thankfully I did get the opportunity to be part of the foundation staff at HPSS and it has definitely been my dream job. We have hacked the New Zealand Curriculum; created

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