Hey! My name is James Anderson and I’m so happy that you are taking the time to check out what is happening on my blog! I attend Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a foundation student of the school amongst roughly 140 other students who started in 2014, the first year HPSS was opened.

I’m still relatively new to blogging, but I’m really enjoying writing and sharing my views with the world! I got the inspiration from my learning leader/teacher, Danielle Myburgh who is really stuck in and passionate about creating Learner Stories for students to share their work with other people. Taking advantage of the likes of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to share and connect with other people around the world. I really like the idea of having a Learner Story and was really interested with how Danielle explained what goes on with a Learner Story and how we as learners can share our views, work, progress and struggles with people around the world who can relate with us on the projects we do. That is amazing! I’m very lucky to be surrounded by people who are very very passionate about education and students and how they share their story and I hope you share your story with us too because we would love to see it.

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