Should You Stay? Or Should You Go?

2017 is well and truly underway and already, one month into the new year, I’m feeling that this year will be tough. Moving into Year 12 at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, I’m more excited than ever. A new year brings new challenges and I’m always up for a good challenge. But the real challenge for me this year is learning to unpack what my priorities are. What I can afford to leave behind as I embark on the new year?

So what about school? Priority, always. For me, on the first day every new school year, I clear my head of all the drama from the previous year and go through the doors with my head held high. I should be proud of attending such a fantastic and world class school. I’m privileged to be taught by the teachers and leaders at HPSS and to work alongside students who are equally as passionate about their futures. In 2014, my first year of high school, I learnt all about Carol Dweck and the power of a growth mindset. How important it is to think positively and not let failure bring you down. From that day forward, I’ve pushed myself to use a growth mindset every day. No matter what.


So what about studentchatNZ? As much as I’d love to work on studentchatNZ every single day of the year, I need to learn that it’s a side project and not let it interfere with my school work. When it’s appropriate to, I’ll include studentchatNZ into my work. Now, that’s something I hope to do this year. Impact Projects! These past few years I’ve been focusing my school Impact Project around Performing Arts, a passion of mine. But in 2017, I’m going to be doing it differently. My goal is to use Impact Projects at HPSS to build and expand my studentchatNZ spectrum. Spread the word about studentchatNZ to more than just a twitter PLN, but to schools all over the country and encourage learners to dig deep and ask the critical questions. Check out the studentchatNZ website throughout the year for updates on how this project is going;

2017 COVER PHOTO (1).png

So what about staying active on twitter and continuing to blog? No, not a huge priority. As much as staying active on twitter is good for connecting with many professional learning networks online, it’s not a priority. From now on, again, I’ll find the appropriate times to jump onto twitter and explore new concepts with my PLN. As for my blogging, I feel if ends up being worst case scenario and I can’t blog much this year, one reflection per school term will be a good resort. Continuing to reflect is a goal of mine for 2017 and I will be able to achieve this by keeping up with my blogging, when I can.

Overall, I hope 2017 brings joy and happiness to everyone and I look forward to connecting with you all again at points throughout the year!


5 thoughts on “Should You Stay? Or Should You Go?

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  1. Hey James, I am inspired by you; a learner who obviously knows the place of reflection in the learning process AND who is happy to do it through blogging. I wish this for my class:)
    I also hope that one day some of my learners who I introduce to twitter during their Intermediate years see the value in connecting on platforms like this and maybe even join you at #studentchatnz
    All the best for the year ahead.

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  2. Hey, James, I agree with Kerri. It’s inspirational for us teachers to see students like yourself using your voice to help design Education 3.0 to best suit YOUR future. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to collaborate to create the future we all want and I feel that young people’s voices are crucial in the conversation. Look forward to more from #studentchatnz.

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