Reflecting on HPSS Projects

As part of the Hobsonville Point Secondary School learning structure, project-based learning is a common thread for students wanting to expand their knowledge outside of school. Connecting with partners and collaborating with external partners outside of school enables students to seek potential learning in the real world. This following blog post is a “Final Look” reflection into Projects Semester One at HPSS. A recap on the journey I have taken with project-based learning and a chance to reflect on the learning I have achieved.


Evaluation and evidence is a key part of project-based learning. It gives the chance for students to self-evaluate on their learning journey and gives them the chance to share their voice.

Our external partner for our project, The Power of Words, was with a local publication called The Hobsonville Flyer. The goal of the project was to create a real-world feel for students, linking them to a professional business and aligning ourselves within the crazy world of journalism. My personal contribution to this project was becoming a writer, editor, interviewer and researcher. Writing my own stories. Editing my own stories. Interviewing people linked within our stories and researching for information that goes with our stories. With our project taking us just over three months to complete, I have successfully written two articles that have made it into the paper. One being a story based on profile writing named, “Personality of the Month” (see below) and the second being a written story on another project school students are currently taking named, “Student Spotlight”. Both very successful and receiving positive feedback from the editor of the Hobsonville Flyer and from the public who read my story.


My story that made it into Issue #5 of the Hobsonville Flyer, “Personality of the Month”.

Project based learning is a powerful tool and I reckon we need more of it in schools. Being able to align yourself within real world expertise doesn’t hurt doesn’t it? It enables you to become more onto it, meet deadlines, expose yourself with so many new opportunities. I could go on! So try it, project based learning. It’s only going to get more and more popular in the years coming…


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