The Journey of Stage Challenge 2016

If someone told me at the start of this year that I would have directed a Stage Challenge piece for 35 of my fellow students at my school,  I would have told them they’d be dreaming and to stop saying such nonsense. But that’s exactly what I did!! I’m not going to go on about what Stage Challenge is all about but I felt like it was appropriate to include this statement off of the official NZ Stage Challenge website….

“3 venues, 200 schools, 16,000 participants and an audience of 25,000 people. Stage Challenge is a dance, drama and design spectacular where the students are the stars. It is part of a global event reflecting the personalities, concerns, hopes, dreams and interests of students. Hours of rehearsals and hard work result in a performance to thousands of audience members across New Zealand. A school’s entry into Stage Challenge is about experiencing the natural high of being part of a team in a 100% tobacco, drug and alcohol-free environment.” – Stage Challenge


This year, 35 HPSS students took part in the 2016 Stage Challenge competition. A combination of dance, drama, music and stage management all combined into an 8-minute piece for the school to perform. The leading student director & leaders took on the role of developing our show concept, choreography, music, lighting and even set design. Stage Challenge was a collaborative project between staff and students but the students being the driving force behind it. This year’s concept for our school was “Isolation”, mainly exploring the isolation that technology is currently bringing upon families. A tricky but original issue to convey but we got a lot of positive feedback regarding our performance from not only the judges but the audience too.

At the evening prizegiving, HPSS won two awards. One being “Excellence in Performance Concept” and the other being “Excellence in Performance Drama”. Two very important and often hard awards to get so it’s a credit to the HPSS team for putting together such a powerful and enjoyable show. A big thank you to the Performing Arts department, the teachers for giving up their time and the school for welcoming onboard a new challenge for students to explore. Congratulations Hobsonville Point Secondary School!


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