Opportunities for Students

Teachers here at Hobsonville Point Secondary School are always making sure that they are doing the best for their students who attend. No matter what type of learner they are or what speed that they learn at best. They are able to single handily create a unique learning method where students are able to self manage and take action with their learning. It’s a credit to the Senior Leadership staff and teachers at HPSS for letting us students be trusted doing this. Self management is a huge thing these days and it’s a great opportunity for students to show leadership and action with their education. The teachers here are very passionate when it comes to ensuring that all students take all the appropriate opportunities to better enhance their learning and to give them a new experience.

2nd may 1

Danielle Myburgh is a world renowned education enthusiast & a strong leader in education. Not only is she just a leader in education, she is actively showing her passion for modern/future education styles with founding the #edchatNZ twitter chat and the new edchatNZ MOOC. MOOC link: edchatNZ.com/mooc.html

Danielle Myburgh is one great example of teachers ensuring that students take these and explore the options around them. Danielle is one of the many foundation staff members here at Hobsonville Point and recently she has taken up the position of being Learning Community Leader of one of the learning communities, Taheretikitiki. Being a LTL (abbreviation) is a tough job but it is another unique and special way to give and provide more opportunities for the students at Hobsonville Point. I had the pleasure and honour of being a student in Danielle’s Learning Hub last year (with the previous year being with Steve Mouldey who is now pursuing his job as Deputy Principal of Lynfield College). There are things I have been taught and learnt about with Danielle (and Steve also) that has really benefited my learning and that I can take away post HPSS.

The opportunities that Danielle has provided to me/and the rest of the HPSS students include these below:

  • Taking part in the edchatNZ MOOC (massive open online course) to give unique student perspective into how modern/future education is changing New Zealand and giving our opinions on the whole aspect of future education. Danielle leads and facilitates this MOOC and I am taking part in this because of the opportunity that was given to me.
  • Taking part in the fortnightly #edchatNZ’s on twitter. A place for all things education. Danielle is the founder of this chat which takes place every fortnight, Thursdays at 8:30pm (NZDT) with new topics on education being introduced each time the chat is held. These chats offer questions to really extend the level and complexity of thinking about education and what we can do to impact and make a difference in education too.
  • For my favourite one out of all the opportunities (I) have been given, possibly being able to co-present with Danielle at an upcoming teacher’s only day conference about the topic of “Why school SHOULD be different”. This is something I know Danielle is very passionate about and I am excited that potentially I am going to be able to share some more experiences from Hobsonville Point and give an insight into the learning environment and give more student voice!

    2 may 2016

Danielle addresses Hobsonville Point Secondary School (2nd May 2016) about the upcoming #edsketch16 challenge where you sketch a day in May and document that on social media. (Picture above is credit to: Gerard Macmanus)

So overall, Hobsonville Point is the place to find new opportunities and to explore them! I am glad that this is one thing that they like to focus on the most. It’s great to see Danielle and the rest of the staff take that new opportunity, to create more opportunities for the students at the world’s best school (in my opinion to say the least).

Social links to Danielle: @MissDTheTeacher (twitter) & MissDTheTeacher.blogspot.co.nz (blog)


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