Reflecting on Term 1 of 2016

The Student Council running workshops for their learning communities (I’m in the middle with my hand pointing to a fellow student answering questions)

Well it’s come to that time again. The 2 week period in between school terms. What better time to sit down and reflect on what you have done and what you achieved in the previous term. Rather than writing a full 1000 word post about the first term, I’m going to bullet point the things that I remember doing so here they are….

Here’s some of the education/learning/achievements so far in 2016:

  • Participated again in multiple #edchatnz’s and got a lot of amazing responses and have had a lot of amazing experiences talking & connecting with NZ educators. Also taken part in 2 blogging challenges, The Student Blogging Challenge in March and tried to keep up with the A-Z Blogging challenge in April.
  • Strengthened my relationships and connections with fellow tweeters and bloggers. Connecting and giving feedback, feed forward in terms of what they can do, how they can do it and how they might do things differently in the future.
  • Individually founded and currently planning for the first ever #stuchatnz, the student run & student centred equivalent of #edchatnz. The overall plan is to create a healthy and strong network of student bloggers, tweeters and people interested in the future of education and the future of education in New Zealand.
  • Agreed to be co-presenting at a Teacher’s Only Day conference in Term 2 with Danielle Myburgh about the future of education and why schools should be different!
Leadership Camp 2016: The camp’s guideline and goal was to develop the sense of leadership within the current year 10 and 11 leaders of Hobsonville Point Secondary School. (this photo was taken by me on the first night of the camp right by the water)

Here’s some of my extra curricular achievements so far in 2016:

  • About to sit my final grade exam of Hip Hop before I either step up into Advanced classes or finish dancing altogether. I would on the other hand like to actually step up and lead/teach some hip hop classes so that might be something to look to do in the near future!
  • I have stepped up and taken on the role of becoming a Student Director for the second year in a row now doing the Sheliah Winn Shakespeare competiton. Unfortunately on the night of the performance, that afternoon we had to make the awful decision of having to pull out and not perform but it was an interesting learning curve and an interesting learning experience for sure.
  • I have also stepped up and taken the role of being the Leading Student Director of my school’s stage challenge for 2016. From managing roles within the team to choosing the themes and the songs to use.

Term 1 was an action packed journey. There were the highs, and there were the lows. The main thing is that I kept going and kept thinking about where I wanted to end up in the end. I’m glad I kept going through out the term because look at all these amazing things and amazing opportunities I have had! It is a credit to all the great staff at Hobsonville Point. Leigh, thank you for being an amazing hub coach. Danielle, well done on stepping up and taking your new roll to help out Taheretikitiki moving forward.



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    1. I have forgotten that but I am going to be creating a new post later in the year after I do Hillary Challenge in Taupo. I will combine my experiences at Get to Go and Hillary Challenge and reflect about that but thanks for reminding me!


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