B is for Blogging


B IS FOR BLOGGING: 2nd April 2016

It’s really interesting to think that I have only started BLOGGING since October 2015. It seems like I’ve been blogging for years. I have adapted so much to it and it’s almost become a natural learning tool that I use at school. I’m glad and happy to see that the leaders at Hobsonville Point Secondary School are encouraging so many other students to use this powerful resource. This journey that blogging has taken me on is such a unique one! From taking part in the education twitter talk, #edchatnz, to speaking and touring international educational leaders around school it’s all because of my blogging. When you start your blog, you don’t really expect to become a hit straight away. Well, that’s what I thought it was going to be like. I was wrong! Within my first few weeks blogging, my posts have reached people all around the world! America, China, Russia, Australia, Brazil & the United Kingdom to name just a few. Not the countries that my blog have reached, but more importantly the people I’ve reached.

Last year after taking international education leaders around my school, I was then followed and tweeted on twitter by one of those people that I took around the school. I was expecting a, “Thank you James and the other students at HPSS for taking us on a tour. Really enjoyed it!”. Oh, I more of an amazing response from her! “I shared some of your thoughts with the Secretary of Education. We are all very proud of you and thank you for your words!” – that was the exact tweet from the National Director of Learning with @educhangemakers, Summer Howarth. Just reading that tweet made me realise that blogging about education from the student’s perspective is all worth it! Being able to have YOUR voice and YOUR opinions shared with some of the worlds best education leaders is such an amazing feeling. Especially if your just a Year 11 student from a brand spanking new school in New Zealand. Now, that’s a way to get your school’s reputation going!

My tweets have been retweeted by some amazing leaders in education. I’ve had my quotes used in high profiled education conferences. I’ve founded #stuchatNZ, a education twitter talk between high school students that is set to kick off soon. But most importantly, I have been able to bond and connect with my teachers on such a bigger level, over education! And that’s all because I decided to start blogging and talk about my education learning journey and story. I encourage more students to start blogging like me, we are starting something quite cool!


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