A is for Audience


After being introduced by one of my teachers at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, Ros (check out her blog here ), I am hooked and ready to go for my first ever attempt at this A-Z blogging challenge. The idea of this is to blog for every day through out the month of April (excluding Sundays). This should be interesting also because my birthday falls on the 5th of April which is another day to blog on. Expect some sort of birthday post there haha. So now to start, good luck to everyone participating and hope you enjoy these blog posts.

A IS FOR AUDIENCE: 1st April 2016

Today I was lucky enough to be able to attend the school matinee performance of one of Shakespeare’s finest comedies, ‘Twelfth Night’ along with many other students from my school. The performance was held at the Pop Up Globe in Auckland City. The Pop Up Globe is a full-scale, working replica of the Second Globe Theatre. And what a performance it was! The entire cast made up of male actors and the show running for just over 2 consecutive hours. The acting was phenomenal and it really stunned all of us HPSS students who made up the hundreds of people in the AUDIENCE. The performance had it all. Love. Betrayal. Scandal. Adventure. Confusion…. But in the end there was marriage, celebration and a reason for revenge. I’m not going to give too much away cause it’s an amazing show and everyone needs to watch it! So that’s it for todays blog, just plain old short & sweet. Stay tuned for the next post.


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