Empowering and creating more leaders

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Today could be one of those days that I might look back on and be like, so this is where it all started from…. #stuchatNZ. Turned from a crazy “10pm lying in bed kind of thought” to a “let’s create this and see where this could go kind of idea”. Here’s why I chose to go ahead with it….

Overall, my main personal goal for 2016 is to share my learning story and get my blog out there worldwide and really show people what I have to say. This blog started off as a personal learning tracker/learner story where I was to share weekly and sometimes fortnightly responses on how my learning was going. This is now becoming a very popular resource and tool (blogging) in modern education and especially at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Me being me, I thought to myself this exact question. If everybody is creating blogs now at HPSS, what can I do to make mine stand out and be different from the rest? And by thinking and reflecting on that exact question I came up with the idea that I should talk about things that haven’t really been talked about by students that much. *Some of my most popular, older posts: Beginning High School: A short reflection & Education: Creating Change vs Waiting for it to happen*

Connecting with others and sharing ideas/topics/reflections with one another is another great way I want to get myself out there. I have even been taking part in a few things on twitter including more recently the Student Blogging Challenge. But take #edchatnz for example. I have loved talking  about education and modern learning with a whole heap of teachers, leaders and students from all over the world. I enjoy every talk! Danielle Myburgh does a great job being the founder and running these talks. I am also very privileged to be one of the many students Danielle has taught over the past 3 years at HPSS. edchatNZ is a great platform for teachers to share ideas and connect over answering 6-7 questions each night about learning and education. But when taking part in this (by including Student Voice) I thought to myself, what if we made a similar platform available for students? That’s where #stuchatNZ came up from. A similar set up to #edchatNZ but with a student-centred focus. If teachers can bond and extend one another’s educational abilities then why can’t students do the same?

I am really excited to see what could happen over time with #stuchatNZ. Overall, I just really want to be able to connect and build strong relationships between students in New Zealand and worldwide! And I’m hoping that other students from around the world will connect and extend each other’s educational abilities.


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  1. I’m in! I really shouldn’t be up right now considering it is 12:28am, but I read your post anyway and now I have so many thoughts stirring through my head! I’m inspired by your bias towards action to actually make an idea tangible quickly, that’s something I sometimes struggle with when it comes to “crazy” ideas.

    Have you heard about the #StuVoice chats? I know they are a group on Twitter that does student focused talk sessions as well. Thank’s for writing this post by the way because it’s reminded me of how I need to catch back up with the #dtk12chat on Wednesday nights. I use to be a frequent participant and was typically the only student with the occasional pop in of a few of my other friends who I’ll sometimes specifically tell to get on the chat, but I haven’t participated in months it feels like.

    And I totally agree that students have all the capability in the world to have education conversations. In fact, after the first night of fuse15 (design thinking conference hosted by MVIFI every summer in June that I help facilitate now) everyone seemed to be on an unofficial hiatus from the chat because everyone was in Atlanta for the conference and no one was modding the chat. So I ended up texting my best friend to tell her that we should just take charge and start asking questions about what we want to talk about. Sure enough by the end of the night way more people joined because their phones were buzzing with all of the twitter updates and everyone was shocked and excited to realize two high schoolers were modding the conversation just because we took action.

    I also sense that you want to take this further somehow. It makes me wonder about how things can go from conversations to action. I wonder, what’s something you feel students could do that would make statement and be game changing in the world of education? Your twitter handle makes me think about the Teacher’s Guild from IDEO and how they have a system set up for moving ideas to prototypes, to actual innovations. What should we do as students? We know we have the capability, but how should we act upon it?

    Now you’ve gotten my crazy late night thoughts flowing… Thanks for the great inspiration! I wonder what’s next.

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    1. Thanks Anya! It’s always a pleasure reading and listening to what you have to say. It’s absolutely amazing to know that my blogs are reaching out so far now! Great hearing your inspired by my posts just like I am when I read yours 😉 I completely agree with your aspect of taking action. It feels so cool having your twitter notifications blow up with excitement I have started to experience that too now. It’s amazing what us high school students can do, we are changing the face of education! My mind is exploding now with all these thoughts too and it’s not even 6pm yet haha. Always a pleasure to have you onboard with my education journey 🙂


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