The Year Ahead – 2016

2016 is well and truly underway and within less than a week, so will my school journey for this year. As myself and the rest of the returning students at Hobsonville Point Secondary School embark on the new year ahead, there is going to be a few bumps and changes made along the way. A new influx of around 100 year 9 pupils will start their high school journey along the already large number of year 10 and year 11 students. I can remember back to my first days at high school. All the anticipation and nervous faces walking through those front doors into (until mid-2015) the newest school in New Zealand ready for the road ahead in secondary education.

The first day started with an assembly addressed to the school by principal Maurie Abraham, Senior Leaders, Teachers and the whole team at Hobsonville Point Sec.

Now starting as a Year 11 this year, I also embark on my first of three years of NCEA assessment testing. Students undertaking NCEA in other schools across New Zealand think of this experience as dreadful, horrible, useless and boring. To me, I wouldn’t think of it the same way. The unique experience of Hobsonville Point Secondary School almost changes the way students look at the assessments. Because we are able to personalize (to some extent) the learning and pathway throughout our time at HPSS, we can study and get credits undertaking most of the classes we care about and are passionate towards. Yes, we still need to take the vital classes and get our credits of Maths, English etc. Being able to combine two key learning areas/subjects into one class really helps and backs that.

I am very excited to start once again another year at the best school in the world! So many amazing and great opportunities are out there waiting for everyone to grab, discover, explore, develop and create! 2015 was a big year but that’s in the past now, it’s time to do bigger and better things. To the new year 9, 10 and 11 students who are starting this year, good luck! I am so happy that you chose HPSS as your high school and I’m sure by the end of 2016 you will discover what an amazing place this is! And to those returning for their first or second year, here’s to another great year ahead 🙂


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  1. Neat post James. I wonder whether you should consider connecting with other NCEA level students to see if your beliefs about how they are feeling are the same as yours, compare experiences, and collaborate on ideas around learning in senior secondary in New Zealand. Keep up the blogging. It’s great to hear your perspective on things,


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