Am I Sharing The Right Story?


Everyone knows how important and useful it is to get and share the right message. But me, am I sharing the right story?


Well in case you didn’t know, I am a new blogger. I haven’t spent a huge amount of time blogging and sharing my stories. I’ve only been doing this since October 2015. When a presentation from Claire Amos (my deputy principal), Steve Mouldey (one of my teachers and leaders) & my hub current coach, Danielle Myburgh. The learning and experiences they have had in education are huge and I really would like to have those same or similar experiences too. The places they’ve gone, things they’ve done and even the people they’ve met. All because of their strong passion for education, social networking and the power of blogs!

But back to my blog. I already know that there is general some interest in my posts and I’m glad people are able to see the driven passion I am creating for myself around education. And the feedback that I have been given by you guys has been really valuable and I have learnt a lot because of that. But I got thinking the other day and with help from Steve and Danielle, not everyone is going to be able to experience education the same as each other so is what I am writing relevant? HPSS is not like every other high school in New Zealand.

So whenever I am writing I now make sure, how can I share my unique story and experiences so that they are useful and worth it. Because it’s so worth sharing the right, unique story with everyone else.



2 thoughts on “Am I Sharing The Right Story?

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  1. Interesting thoughts! Without wanting to seem cliche or cheesy, I think ANYTHING you are willing to share will be the “right stuff” to someone. Even the most seemingly irrelevant things can lead to a spark when read by another. I appreciate your honest approach 🙂

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