Year 13: The Final Year

This week, I start my final year of high school. I've had the honour and the privilege of spending five incredible years at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, but it hasn't always been easy. There have been various hurdles along the way, but I've made it through. I've pushed myself far outside my comfort zone, challenged... Continue Reading →


Should You Stay? Or Should You Go?

2017 is well and truly underway and already, one month into the new year, I'm feeling that this year will be tough. Moving into Year 12 at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, I'm more excited than ever. A new year brings new challenges and I'm always up for a good challenge. But the real challenge for... Continue Reading →

End of Year Celebration – 2016

It's hard to believe that 2016 will be over in the next coming weeks; what a year it's been! I've developed so much as a leader, follower and even as a learner in this past year it's actually quite amazed me. Looking back on all that I've done and achieved is quite special. I never... Continue Reading →

Learners as Creators

For the 2016 EdBookNZ project, in collaboration with Connected Educators Month, I was approached by Sonya Van Schaijik to write an education focused blog post. This year I am honoured to be representing the student voice within education, something that I am passionate about and have devoted a lot of my time to with Student... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on HPSS Projects

As part of the Hobsonville Point Secondary School learning structure, project-based learning is a common thread for students wanting to expand their knowledge outside of school. Connecting with partners and collaborating with external partners outside of school enables students to seek potential learning in the real world. This following blog post is a "Final Look"... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Stage Challenge 2016

If someone told me at the start of this year that I would have directed a Stage Challenge piece for 35 of my fellow students at my school,  I would have told them they'd be dreaming and to stop saying such nonsense. But that's exactly what I did!! I'm not going to go on about what... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

What is the power of words? The power to give opinions, voice, ideas and stories to benefit and accelerate people's understandings? We all have our own unique perspectives on definitions and this is my understanding of it. The same goes for education in New Zealand. Change is currently in the heart of the development of... Continue Reading →

Opportunities for Students

Teachers here at Hobsonville Point Secondary School are always making sure that they are doing the best for their students who attend. No matter what type of learner they are or what speed that they learn at best. They are able to single handily create a unique learning method where students are able to self... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Term 1 of 2016

Well it's come to that time again. The 2 week period in between school terms. What better time to sit down and reflect on what you have done and what you achieved in the previous term. Rather than writing a full 1000 word post about the first term, I'm going to bullet point the things... Continue Reading →

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